Our story began several years ago when my husband of 40 years and I began to downsize our home after our children grew up.  We had talked about selling our house to buy a smaller place on the water, somewhere near our home in Milwaukee.  A dream we spoke of often, but realistically, never believed it would come true.

I found a lot on Lake Winnebago and bought it with a handshake.  I looked online for a builder and found PortSide Builders.  We met with a custom home designer at PortSide and sketched out our dream home.

That was it!  PortSide made the dream come true.  Their final plans for the house were perfect.  Under the supervision of Randy Johnson from PortSide, the tradesmen who built our house were not just competent but in many ways, artists.  Our home “Drinkwater Point” is perfect.

Jim & Laurie Nagle