Now that winter’s end is near, it is time to prepare our homes for the spring season.  One of the most important tasks is to check your sump pump, to ensure it is operating properly.

Melting snow and spring rains can result in saturated ground, around and under, your home.  Serious problem can occur if your sump pump is not working properly.  Rather than this excess water being pumped way from your home, it may infiltrate your foundation walls, resulting in water in your basement.  This may allow mold and mildew to form in a crawlspace, or cause extensive damage to a finished basement.

Checking proper operation of your sump pump is simple and takes about 5 minutes to complete.     

Here is a quick video from our friends at DIY Network that shows you how to test your pump.

Save yourself some time and money and make it a point to check your sump pump every spring to ensure your basement stays dry.  For more home maintenance tips, be sure to follow our blog at