Home Maintenance Tip - Smoke Alarm Safety

Winter weather is upon us and we sure can feel the chill.  With the cold weather, the heating systems in our homes have to work overtime to keep us warm.  As such, the chances of house fires increase dramatically in the winter.  In fact, 27 percent of annual structure fires occur during the winter months.  In order to protect your home and family, make sure that you have your furnace checked periodically, as well as install smoke alarms in your home.  it is important to check your smoke alarms regularly to ensure they’re operating properly. Here is a link to a video from the National Fire Protection Agency that discusses smoke alarm use and maintenance.


Additional safety precautions should be taken against Carbon Monoxide (also known as CO).  A colorless, odorless gas caused by improper combustion in your furnace or fireplace, CO can cause symptoms such as chest pain, vomiting, dizziness, headache, and confusion.  Overexposure to CO can lead to serious illness or even death.  Nearly 20,000 people per year seek medical attention due to exposure to CO.  Here is some helpful information from the Center of Disease Control (CDC) on the health effects of Carbon Monoxide, it’s origin, and prevention to exposure.