PortSide Employees Volunteer to help Greenville Civic Club  Build an Archery Roof for the Lions Park Archery Range

The Town of Greenville was in need of an archery roof at the outdoor archery range in Lions Park. The Greenville Civic Club stepped up to help meet this need by coordinating the project and recruiting volunteers and sponsors. PortSide team member Zach Juadis, a member of the Civic Club, was able to enlist the help of a few of his PortSide coworkers to volunteer their time and talent in the construction of the structure.

Over the course of a few weekends in September and October, PortSide employees, and volunteers from the Greenville Civic Club worked together to build the archery range roof structure. Along with the volunteers from the Civic Club, this was all made possible by PortSide Builders donating a three man crew for two full days, as well as personal time donated by Mark Mancheski, Shane Mancheski, Zach Juadis, Steve Holland, and Joe Englebert to finish up the project.

This new covered shooting house helps archers with positioning and keeping arrows more aligned with the target.  With over 14, two person stalls, it can accommodate more than 28 archers at a time. PortSide Builders and the PortSide team were happy to be involved in this project that will help promote the safety and enjoyment of archery for sportsmen and women for generations to come. 

For more information about Lions Park in Greenville, link to their website: Lions Park, Greenville,WI.