We invite you to join us at this years Fall Showcase of Homes event sponsored by the Brown County Home Builders Association.

PortSide will be featuring a remodeled home in this showcase. Remodeled homes are open the second weekend only.
The event takes place over two weekends:

New Homes Only:

Saturday - Sept. 19th: 10 am - 4 pm
Sunday - Sept. 20th: 10 am - 4 pm

Thursday - Sept 24th: 4 pm - 7 pm
Friday - Sept 25th: 4 pm - 7 pm

Remodeled and New Homes:

Saturday - Sept 26th: 10 am - 4 pm
Sunday - Sept 27th: 10 am - 4 pm

PortSide will be showcasing one remodeled home in this event. Come tour this home to see the stunning transformation that has taken place in this kitchen and living room remodel. Some of the work includes:

Kitchen Before

                  • Removed a wall to make the kitchen larger
                  • Removed part of a wall to increase the size of the opening between the kitchen¬†and the living room
                  • Installed new flooring
                  • Installed new cabinets and countertops
                  • Installed new island / snack bar
                  • Installed new appliances in relocated areas

                For the full details and tickets information go to: Bchba.org

                Please see the covid precautions here.