Winterizing Outdoor Water Spigots

Taking care of your home is important to prolong its life and to prevent costly repairs from draining your bank account.  As the weather is shifting to cooler months, it's time to look at winterizing our homes.  One important home maintenance item in the winterizing process is to drain your exterior water spigots and prevent water damage.

While water spigots are helpful with watering gardens during the summer, if we neglect to prepare them for winter, problems can occur.  Leaving garden hoses attached in freezing weather can trap water in the spigots causing them to crack.  This can result in broken pipes and possible water damage to your home.  Check out this short video to learn how to properly winterize your water spigots.

PortSide Builders is happy to share with you many helpful home maintenance tips. Use them to help prevent unnecessary repair expenses, and to ensure your home stands the test of time.

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