On average, there are 10,000 Americans that turn 65 each day.  For many of them, remaining in their own home becomes more and more challenging, as they get older.  Many day to day activities can become difficult for those in declining health and mobility.

As the cost of assisted-living facilities continue to rise, “aging-in-place” features built into new homes and remodeling projects are an increasingly popular option for those who want to continue living in their homes longer, and more comfortably as they age. There are many inexpensive features available that provide convenience, while maintaining the aesthetic qualities of their existing home.

“ There are more than 100 million homes in the US, yet only 1% of them are conducive to aging in place”, says Rodney Harrell, director of livability thought leadership for AARP.  Of the people 65 or older in the US, 80% of them say they want to age in their own homes. (forbes.com May 3, 2017) 

And why wouldn't we want to age in our own homes?  Adding these simple, yet functional features will prolong your livability in the comfort of your own home.  So lets talk about some of these features. 

No Step Shower

This feature is created by building your shower without a curb, allowing you access your shower without the need to lift your legs to enter.  It also allows you easy access with a wheel chair or walker. 

Zero Entry

This feature is similar to the no step shower entry, but is designed for access to the home from the exterior or garage.  This again allows for easy access to the home with a wheel chair or walker.

Wider Door Frames and Hallways

In order to navigate the home easier as we age, adding 3’6”-  3’8” wide hallways and 3’ doorways provides more space for maneuvering a walker or wheelchair.   

Backing for Grab Bars

This is a great feature that you may not utilize for many years of living in your home, but can come in handy when needed.  Extra support is built into the walls to install grab bars that assist in helping us with balance and lifting ourselves out of tubs and showers. 

Lever Door Handles

A very simple yet effective aging in place feature is lever door handles.  They are attractive and require less strength to open than a standard twist knob.

Lever Sink Faucets

Yes you guessed it!  The same benefit as the lever door knobs.

Low Maintenance Exteriors

Vinyl, brick or stone exteriors that virtually require little to no maintenance.

These are some of the basic aging in place features that are offered to prepare your home for comfort as you age.  Alan Shefchik, PortSide Builders Custom Home Designer, suggests taking the time to speak with your designer to discuss remodeling your home to accommodate aging in place features or to learn how to incorporate these wonderful features into your new home construction.  Enjoy living in your home while saving your hard earned money for retirement. 

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