Pergolas Add Character and Elegance To Any Outdoor Space

Pergolas have been around for centuries. Dating back to the early 1600's, they have truly stood the test of time as one of our favorite outdoor architectural design features, and for good reason. Highly functional and versatile, they can be built to suit any style home, from simple and classic, or clean and modern, to ornate and elaborate, they can be easily customized to meet your design needs. Loosely defined, a pergola is an open structure with four vertical beams that support cross-beams and an open lattice, this openness is part of their appeal. 

If you have been looking for a way to enhance your outdoor space, here are four reasons why you should consider installing a pergola.


They provide just the right amount of shade

Pergolas provide much needed shade while also letting in the natural sunlight and view of the evening stars. The amount of shade they provide can be determined based on the width and spacing of the upper cross-beams. And if you desire more flexibility, a retractable canopy can be added for additional coverage when needed.


Define a space

A Pergola is a great way to add definition to a specific outdoor space. If you love to entertain outdoors consider a pergola over the outdoor lounge and bar area, dining area or pool lounge to define the space. The use of drapes or shades can further enhance the feeling of being in an outdoor room. 


Add architectural design and interest to an outdoor space

A pergola is a great way to take an otherwise ordinary backyard, patio or deck and transform it to an interesting, welcoming outdoor space. You can further enhance this space by adding decorative outdoor lighting, such as string lights or even a chandelier. Adding an outdoor ceiling fan will help circulate air while also adding distinctive style.


Add vertical greenery to your outdoor space

There's a reason why gardeners love pergolas, they make a great connection between garden and patio space and provide additional growing space for climbing plants. These vining plants can easily be trained to grow up the vertical beams and cross-beams. Consider flowering plants like Wisteria, Morning Glory or Trumpet Vine for high impact. Hanging flowering planters from the cross-beams can also add a visual link between the home and garden. 


Low-maintenance and high-impact, a pergola can make an elegant addition to any outdoor space. If you think a pergola is right for you, contact PortSide Builders to learn more.