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This series will suggest some of the basic steps to follow, and things to be aware of, as you begin down the path toward home ownership.


All of the plumbing lines, electrical wiring, and HVAC duct work have been installed in the walls where they won’t be seen.  The insulation and soundproofing materials are in place.  It’s now time to cover the interior walls of your home.  This is an important step in the final appearance and personality of the inside of your home, as there are many different types of materials and textures that can be used.  It all depends on your tastes and the style of your home.  

Drywall and plaster, the two most common forms of wall coverings provide much flexibility.  Smooth drywall allows for painting and wall papering. 

Plaster Surface

While falling out of favor over past decades, wallpaper is experiencing a comeback. Computer technology has made high-resolution, three dimensional designs possible.  Complex designs and colors, as well as realistic simulation of wood, stone, brick, and other textures has made current wallpapers much more modern and vibrant.



If you’re not into smooth walls, adding a coat or coats of plaster in varying thicknesses adds some texture, while still allowing for painting.   

If you’re looking for something a bit more rustic, thin sheets of wood veneer paneling are inexpensive, but still provide a “wood” texture.  A thicker, tongue and groove paneling can provide a more “lodge” or “cabin” personality to your home.  

Tongue & Groove Paneling & Real Stone

Real stonework has always been popular, and can add a whole new dimension to your home’s interior, however the availability of the desired stone, and its installation, has historically been cost prohibitive.   Now, a newer generation of manufactured stone products is nearly indistinguishable from the real thing, and is available in nearly every style imaginable, regardless of your location.   These lighter products are easier to handle and install than real stone, and are also more affordable. 

Manufactured Stone on Bedroom Wall

While so many elements of home construction are structurally necessary, and don’t offer much choice for style, interior walls are probably the biggest factor in determining the personality of a home.  A single floor plan could result in many different interior styles…..modern, rustic, country, urban, Victorian, mostly determined by wall coverings and textures.   

“The Main Point” - New technology and products have given the homeowner nearly unlimited options and choices of wall styles and coverings at an affordable price.  Let your imagination run wild to really make your mark in the creation of your home’s personality and feel.