Home Remodel - Sheetrock and Plastering

We have completed the demolition of the home and have now moved into the sheetrock and plastering stage.  Most modern homes use sheetrock and plaster over studs as the foundation of the interior walls.  With this remodel, some walls were removed and closets relocated.  New sheetrock was used in these areas, but most of the original sheetrock was preserved, with new plaster being applied.  In order to ensure the new plaster would stick to the existing walls, a bonding agent is first applied.  A technique called skip troweling was then used to plaster the walls throughout the home.  This gives the walls a unique look and texture.  Take a tour of the home as this process took place.

After the plaster is applied, the walls need a few days to dry.  Heaters or dehumidifiers help move the drying process along.  If paint is applied too soon, it can soak into the plaster and cause the walls to look blotchy.  With new sheetrock and plaster completed, the interior of the home becomes a clean slate for painting and decorating.  This part of the build is exciting, as the home really starts to take shape and show new life.

Join us next month as we tour the home as it is being painted. 

If you have any questions or want more information about your own home remodel or addition, please contact us to speak with one of our custom designers.